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Team United Texas Tryouts

Team United Texas Tryouts

About us:

Coach Aaron Mcghee the founder of Team United Texas Basketball had an illustrious playing career, that lead him playing in the 2002 NCAA final four for the University of Oklahoma. After college Aaron played a professional basketball career that spanned 14 years, and took him to 11 different countries across the world. Upon retiring Aaron’s love for the game still burns. He decided to coach to help kids with the basketball knowledge he possesses for kids to believe that one day they too can use basketball as a tool to help them with their lives. Teaching, mentoring , and coaching is now his passion.


Mission Statement:
Team United Texas Is a basketball program in the north Texas area. Our goal at Team United is to help all young basketball players reach their basketball goals whether it’s big or small. We want to offer an avenue for eager athletes wanting to learn, and expand their basketball talents. We believe as long as a kid has a passion for the game of basketball we want to help.





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Contact Us

Team United Texas Basketball

Phone: 312.856.4240

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